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Series: Faith (2), The Holy Spirit (1), Prayer (1), N/A (3).
Date: 2015 (3), 2016 (4)

Sermons (7)

Marriage Testimonial (City Bowl)
Preached by Jaryd & Nicqui Davidson on 17 July, 2016.
Series: N/A.
Journey of Faith (City Bowl)
Preached by Winston White on 10 July, 2016.
Series: Faith.
Living by Faith (City Bowl)
Preached by Grant Smith on 26 June, 2016.
Series: Faith.
Praying in the Spirit (City Bowl)
Preached by Paul Court on 31 January, 2016.
Series: The Holy Spirit.
God's Promise to Abraham (City Bowl)
Preached by Grant Smith on 13 December, 2015.
Series: N/A.
Prayer and Work (City Bowl)
Preached by Grant Smith on 01 November, 2015.
Series: Prayer.
Holiness (City Bowl)
Preached by Robin Meyer on 27 September, 2015.
Series: N/A.