Active filter: Service: City Bowl AM (x)
Preacher: Grant Smith (5), Robin Meyer (1), Paul Court (1).
Series: N/A (6), Sermon on the Mount (1).
Date: 2016 (1), 2018 (6)

Sermons (7)

Matthew 10v34-39: I Came Not To Bring Peace
Preached by Grant Smith on 10 June, 2018.
Series: N/A.
Overcoming Fear
Preached by Robin Meyer on 03 June, 2018.
Series: N/A.
Mark 4v1-20: To You Has Been Given the Secret of the Kingdom of God (How and Why We Garden Our Hearts)
Preached by Grant Smith on 27 May, 2018.
Series: N/A.
Corporate Prayer: Why God Wants Individual Members of a Congregation to Frequently Gather Together to Pray Together
Preached by Grant Smith on 20 May, 2018.
Series: N/A.
Let Praise Interrupt Us
Preached by Paul Court on 13 May, 2018.
Series: N/A.
Psalm 63: Devotions in the Desert
Preached by Grant Smith on 22 April, 2018.
Series: N/A.
Matt 5:17-26 (City Bowl)
Preached by Grant Smith on 31 July, 2016.
Series: Sermon on the Mount.