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Gospel Freedom P.M.
Preached by James Hepworth on 25 November, 2018.
Series: Galatians.
Children of Promise P.M.
Preached by Mark Agar on 18 November, 2018.
Series: Galatians.
Gospel Identity vs Religion Identity
Preached by Ann-Maree Tippoo on 11 November, 2018.
Series: Galatians.
Identity as Children of God
Preached by Mark Agar on 04 November, 2018.
Series: Galatians.
Hebrews 12 P.M.
Preached by Andy Hawthorne on 28 October, 2018.
Series: N/A.
Restoring Broken Relationships
Preached by Mark Agar on 14 October, 2018.
Series: Relate.
Relationships in the Workplace P.M.
Preached by Grant Ismay on 30 September, 2018.
Series: Relate.
Friendship P.M.
Preached by Mark Agar & Mikhail Manuel on 23 September, 2018.
Series: Relate.
Relating to Others and Intimacy with Jesus
Preached by Mark Agar on 09 September, 2018.
Series: Relate.
Overcoming Temptation to Slip Back Into Old Ways
Preached by Mark Agar on 02 September, 2018.
Series: Galatians.