Andrew and Fiona Thomson, a couple from Glenridge Church International in Durban, moved to Cape Town in 1998 to plant Church-on-Main, which was originally named ‘Cape Town Church International.’ The Church’s first meetings were held in Newlands, but soon moved to Cape Town High School and shortly after that to Jan van Riebeeck School in the city.

In 2002, Church-on-Main moved again to the Fountain Square on Main Road in Rondebosch and began meeting in a renovated cinema. With its close proximity to the UCT campus, many students were added to the life of the church. A children’s ministry was launched during 2002 to cater for the children in the church.

Church-on-Main moved further up Main Road in 2006, to a venue at the Werdmuller Centre in Claremont. Since moving to the Werdmuller, many families have been added to the Church, resulting in our children’s ministry growing in number and requiring larger facilities. The Friday evening youth meeting that was launched in the cinema venue also continued to grow. In 2009, Church-on-Main launched a site meeting on the UCT campus to cater for the influx of students who had decided to make Church-on-Main their spiritual home.

In late 2011, by the grace of God, Church-on-Main bought the old Home Affairs building in Wynberg. While renovating the facility, affectionately known as ‘The Mill’ due to its Millbank Road address, Church-on-Main moved into an interim venue at the old Boardman’s Furniture store next to Cavendish Square, where we stayed for a short season. On Thursday 1 August 2013 Church-on-Main had its first meeting in The Mill.