CoM Core

It is a privilege to serve our heavenly father and build his church together.

COM Core is a quarterly gathering of the saints who form the hands and feet of our body: those serving in the many ministries of Church-on-Main.

These termly meetings are set aside as a time of ministry, fellowship and sharing a meal together, as well as an opportunity for the Elders to keep the core team up-to-date on the vision and happenings of Church-on-Main.

All who wish to join are welcome.


R320 per person per year, for 4 meetings.
R1000 per family of 4, for the year.
R1100 per family of 5, for the year.
R1200 per family of 6, for the year.
R80 per individual meeting.


Finances should never stop you from attending.
If you can’t afford the event, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist.

>>> Thur  | 2 May | 7 Pm

>>> Thur  | 11 Jul | 7 Pm

>>> Thur  | 5 Sep | 7 Pm

>>> Thur | 7 Nov | 7 Pm

Core 2024

Banking Details:
Bank: Std Bank
Account Number: 275311678
Ref: Youth Camp 22

To support Nolungile Safehome  contribute to our alms account and mark the deposit ‘Nolungile’

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