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This will always be a good place to start. God wan’t to know us, spend time with us and work good through us. He is our father who delights in us. Coming to him will give us the best peace and direction in life. Pray for each other, support each other, love each other.

“If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 ESV [King James Version].

This a great initiative to bring people together and each play a role. “COVID-19 reminds us that we are all interconnected, and that this is a time for solidarity. We need to draw on our collective wisdom, and our collective energy. We want to help
communities self-organise”

Find or start a group near you:

Share issues you are facing or solutions you have, be that with friends or even government and policy makers where needed.

Donate your computers processing power to run simulations for studies of disease, including COVID-19:
Basically you’re helping to figure out how the virus works, so it can be countered. You will need to install software which automatically does the work for you. Note; this will use more electricity but will only use your processing power when your PC is idle.

Church on Main Social Justice:
A running facebook post of places to support:
A website that lists NPO’s globally:

One Love Sign up to volunteer

Ask for help and support people directly with

Young healthy people you could offer to shop for elderly, single parents or sick people.

Volunteer for a helpline service: LifeLine has started receiving 4000 calls daily since lockdown, usually that figure is around 200. They do take volunteers and they assist via email and phone:

Homemade material masks may not officially trap the virus but could help slow the spread (Sneezez and coughs won’t travel far).

Use your skills and time to get creative. Think about ways you can make a difference with your skills, or use the time to develop new skills. Maybe you can’t help the covid situation directly but there’s a helpful idea or project you’ve been sitting on for a while and now is your chance to make it reality.

  • Government did commit to catering to the homeless; but has since closed the Strandfontein Sportsground site and sent those willing to various smaller shelters in the City. Those in temporary shelters are still facing risky and difficult living conditions and many people have gone back to their desperate and/or addicted situations on the street.

    With up to 2 000 homeless people dealing with addiction withdrawals, mental illness, TB, etc, there is always need of holistic support. Don’t provide money if you can offer food or buy the needs yourself, as many homeless addictions are supported by money handouts. See U-Turn’s response and many more ways to help here.

    Sources at have informed that religious organisations and NGO’s are now allowed to accommodate homeless people. Although I don’t have a public announcement source, an email from Dr Zahid Badroodien, MMC: Community Services & Health, City of Cape Town to said:
    “If there are churches or other organisations who would like to help to take care of the homeless community then they are encouraged to do so. They do not need permission from the city to open up their doors. I encourage our church leaders to consider this as an option to help house our homeless who are still on the street­s.” .
    Contact if you want to see that email.
    Learn more from the MMC: Community Services & Health’s Facebook Page.

  • If you do come into contact with homeless people, encourage them to try go to family if they have. Advise them on hand washing and social distancing and to join with NGO’s which are still feeding homeless and offering rehab. Ask them not to resist police but also to visit open NGOs for food currently.
  • Some other organization still working with homeless: & Word on The Street: [Work with prostitutes mainly] [Human trafficking and abuse victims]
  • Deliver food: [Certain areas only, see if they need volunteers]

    Checkers Delivery

    Send a virtual shopping voucher:

    Send a Virtual shopping voucher

  • Are you in an abusive home or in dire need?
    South Africa World HelpLines
    Childline or call: 08000 55 555
    Hotline & Emergency Contact: 011 642 4345 | 011 642 4346 | | a place for Human trafficking and abuse victims.
  • Covid WhatsApp suppot for South Africans: Say “Hi” to 0600 123 456
  • Temporary Employer-Employee Relief Scheme:
    Call Centre number is 012 337 1997 and email
  • For medical enquiries: National Institute for Communicable Diseases 0800 029 999
  • For morale support and community:
    A church or homegroup: Don’t struggle alone, let us put you in contact with someone to talk to: If you’re dealing with depression or suicidal feelings please don’t socially isolate. Talk to a professional, support groups, and someone who can help and us.
  • City Maintanence: 0860 103 089 or
  • Ambulance: 10177
  • City Law Enforcement: 021 480 7700
  • Crime Stop: 08600 10111
  • Electricity: 0860 103 089
  • Fire Dept landline: 107 cell: 021 480 770
  • Metro Police: 10111
  • Poison Info Helpline: 0861 555 777
  • Traffic Dept: 021 480 7700
  • Water: 0860 103 089
  • More here:
  • Solidarity Fund

    Solidarity Fund – As promoted by the President

    The Fund will focus efforts to combat the spread of the virus, help us to track the spread, care for those who are ill and support those whose lives are disrupted.

    Taxpayers who donate to the Solidarity Fund will be able to claim up to an additional 10 percent as a deduction from their taxable income.

    For any queries related to non-cash donations, please contact us on 0860 001 001
  • Email
  • Food Flow
  • CoronaCare
  • See also any NPO/NGO in your area.
  • An ethical crowd funding platform:

Banking Details:
Bank: Std Bank
Account Number: 275311678
Ref: Youth Camp 22

To support Nolungile Safehome  contribute to our alms account and mark the deposit ‘Nolungile’

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