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Volunteer to host

From 8th to 11th February 2023 we are looking to provide as many beds as possible in our homes for Genesis Collective Southern Africa Conference delegates.

Hosts will be required to provide three nights of accommodation from Wednesday, the 8th
of February, to Saturday, the 11th of February 2023. Hosts will need to offer a simple
breakfast each morning, bearing in mind that delegates may opt to have coffee and rusks at The Mill instead, which will be provided on Thursday and Friday mornings.

The three evening meals and two lunches will be provided at The Mill. This means it is possible to host and be a delegate attending the conference. If as a host, you are unable to attend the conference, you will only be required to drop off and collect guests at The Mill daily.

The Mill will be open for delegates from early until late to allow various drop-off and collection times. Please see the schedule for more information.


We will be in touch with you about who you will be hosting (most likely in late January).
Should you have any queries, please contact info@churchonmain.org.za.

Banking Details:
Bank: Std Bank
Account Number: 275311678
Ref: Youth Camp 22
Email: proofofpayment@churchonmain.org.za

To support Nolungile Safehome  contribute to our alms account and mark the deposit ‘Nolungile’

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